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Court Vision Access provides U.S. college and university basketball coaches with detailed evaluations and scouting reports on U.S. and international girls prep players. By subscribing to our service, coaches receive access to a mobile-friendly, comprehensive database that includes detailed high school basketball player bios, four annual reports, CVA Spotlight Players of the Week, Athletic Gems, Sleeper Reports, and more!


Director and Lead Evaluator

Director and Lead Evaluator Stacey Harris has nearly 15 years of experience scouting, evaluating, and identifying promising student-athletes who have the academic commitment, drive, and athleticism to successfully compete at the collegiate level. A former Division 1 athlete himself, Stacey was raised in an athletic family. His son, whom he once coached, is a D1 football player. With so many years in and around youth and collegiate sports and coaches, Stacey has an innate understanding of what it takes to be a successful athlete.

By spending countless hours attending practices, tournaments, and showcases throughout the U.S. and beyond, Stacey helps extend the recruiting capabilities of today’s coaches—from the community college level to Division 1.


See stats anywhere, anytime

Whether you are at home or on the court, you can view player stats and bios anywhere on any device at any time! Court Vision Access makes it easy for you to contact players, player's coaches, and more with just a click of a button. Don't have an account with us? Become a member and get access here.


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